The Issues

In order to achieve social justice, we must work toward implementing policies that provide environmental and climate justice to ensure a livable world. Our platform is built on providing a sustainable world for the generations that will follow. 


  • Introducing legislation for universal funding of pre-K for all children in Indiana is a number one priority.

  • I am dedicated to improving wages for educators in our state. Our teachers are fundamental to societal growth and their wages should reflect their invaluable contribution to our country.

Workers’ Rights

  • Unions are the backbone of the labor movement. They have consistently led the charge for workers’ rights and are the reason for many of the benefits we experience as employees. I will support unions and their fight for workers’ rights in the Indiana State House.

  • I oppose Right to Work legislation that was passed in our state and support workers’ rights to unionize and collectively bargain. 

  • The minimum wage has not increased in the state of Indiana since 2008. While the cost of living and nearly every commodity have continued to increase, wages have stagnated. Hoosiers deserve to earn a livable wage regardless of their occupation. Raising the minimum wage to ensure that all Hoosiers can afford basic necessities is a priority.


  • Healthcare is a human right. I support a Medicare For All plan.

  • I am dedicated to the creation of additional social service programs for those who struggle with mental health issues.


  • I will support the legalization of marijuana state-wide for recreational use.

  • I will introduce legislation to expunge all convictions for marijuana.


  • Affordable housing should be available to all Hoosiers, regardless of income level. I support any efforts to provide affordable housing and protect tenants against exploitative landlords.

  • The growing cost of rent is an issue I am passionate about tackling, and I support efforts to invest in our neighborhoods.

  • Taxpayer dollars should be strategically utilized for our community, rather than being stored  in rainy day fund. I want to direct as many tax dollars back to District 85 as possible and restore abandoned homes.

  • Improving infrastructure in my district is a top priority.

  • I am dedicated to adjusting state poverty guidelines based on modern, real-world wages and costs of living.


  • It is important to promote sustainable economic growth including policies that promote climate resilience, sustainable energy and jobs.

  • As a growing city, we need to increase funding for improved public transportation.

  • To curtail poor environmental practices, we must impose taxes on excess carbon emissions to achieve global carbon targets and slow the growing effects of climate change. 


  • I support equality for all Hoosiers and will work to move Indiana forward as a welcoming and inclusive state.

  • I support passing a hate crime bill to ensure the effective prosectution of hate crimes in Indiana, making it illegal and punishable by law.

  • I support women’s right to choose and believe men should not have the ability to conrtrol the decisions a woman makes about her body.

  • I stand with the LGBTQ+ community and will support legislation to protect their right to equality.

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