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Why Now?


A first-generation Latino, Pablo first felt compelled to share his experience with his community after the 2016 election. His experience in politics thus far has served as the motivation for taking this step toward representing his community in the 85th District. He looks forward to building on his previous experiences by representing and speaking out on the issues that most impact his community: increasing wages and funding for educators, cracking down on predatory landlords and housing restrictions, Medicare For All, supporting unions, decriminalizing marijuana, and community development, particularly in low-income areas that have been frequently overlooked and ignored.


Who Is Pablo?


Pablo is determined to work FOR Hoosiers and be a reflection of his community, serving the hard-working people in District 85, rather than pushing personal agendas. Pablo began his work as an activist following the 2016 presidential election. He organized his first rally, Silence is Violence, following the 2016 presidential election. In September of the 2017, Pablo organized a rally calling for action against Trump's DACA decision and urged representatives to denounce the president's actions. Pablo, along with two siblings and a close friend, established the Latino Democrats of Allen County in May 2018. Since 2016, Pablo has collaborated with social activist groups, as well as political candidates at the state and local level. The Latino Democrats of Allen County worked heavily with a number of political campaigns in Fort Wayne, leading up to the 2018 midterms and 2019 municipal elections canvassing, speaking publicly, hosting meet and greets, and Latinx outreach.


A Fort Wayne native who grew up in southeast part of the city after relocating to Fort Wayne with his family, Pablo is passionate about revitalizing Southeast Fort Wayne and improving the quality of life for all Hoosiers. He is a graduate of South Side High School and Ivy Tech and is an active community organizer. Pablo worked in a variety of fields while attending college and after earning his degrees. His experience ranges from heavy labor in a scrap yard, to retail, custodial, construction, and sales work. Pablo is an avid writer and poet who recognizes the importance of funding art and creative opportunities for his community. Pablo is also a bilingual community organizer, founder and President of the Latino Democrats of Allen County; he has been actively involved in local political outreach and activist movements since 2016, and is a member of the Central Committee for the Allen County Democratic Party.

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